Reference Services, Inc - Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

If you like leading marketing and advertising initiatives, and you like staying busy throughout the day, you’ve found the right opportunity!  We have been looking for someone just like you!


What you’ll be doing:

You’ll be instrumental in guiding and coordinating the Company’s advertising campaigns.  Your focus will be coordinating the marketing initiatives that develop new business leads for our sales team and online training programs for our current clients.  This includes producing promotional materials, attending trade shows, hosting online training programs and analyzing sales data.  Ultimately, you will ensure our company’s marketing efforts help us achieve our immediate and long-term business goals to increase revenue.

Imagine getting to do these functions and having fun doing them:

  • Designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns
  • Setting up tracking systems for online marketing activities
  • Identifying new marketing / advertising opportunities
  • Collaborating with the sales team to produce promotional materials
  • Crafting clear product marketing copy
  • Organizing promotional activities for new products/services
  • Updating our website as needed, including new Blog post
  • Managing all social media platform content
  • Coordinating and introducing monthly online educational training seminars

Showcasing your skills shouldn’t be hard to do if:

  • You’re creative and love finding creative ways to increase brand awareness (for a B2B strategy).
  • You have excellent communication skills and you have a true passion for advertising strategies.
  • You are a “wiz” with social media and understand SEO/SEM strategies.
  • You’re organized and are able to multi-task and prioritize workload
  • You’re outgoing, people-driven and you understand the power of messaging.

Personal qualities matter, too!

While skills are important, we’re really looking for:

  • Someone who takes their job seriously, shows up every day, on time, comes ready to work, and demonstrates good work ethic.
  • Someone who is self-directed, able to stay on-task and works well without a high degree of direct supervision.
  • Someone who is good at developing and maintaining an effective relationship with all clients and staff, and who is able to work as part of a dedicated team.
  • With all of that in mind, we need people like you who are personable, conscientious, trust-worthy, hard-working, dependable, and genuinely good to work with!

There’s opportunity for those who work well.

  • Our starting pay depends largely on your prior experience and is market competitive
  • In addition, we have group health insurance, disability insurance, and 401K and paid vacation / holidays. 

The great part about coming to work for Reference Services, Inc. is that we are a Company that appreciates good performance and dedication – and high performers like you can move ahead in a career that has good security and good working conditions.   We are a small company, and we wear a lot of “hats” in order to work as a tight-knit team.  And you will have a wide variety of work to do, so you won't ever be bored! 

We appreciate your interest in this opportunity and look forward to working with you!

If interested, please send resume to: