ANEW Mentoring

ANEW is proud to introduce a new membership level to the greater Evansville community. Beginning January 2023, ANEW will offer a Mentoring Membership program that extends the mission and vision of our 30+ year organization to a new generation of women college graduates beginning their careers. The main objective of the Mentoring Membership program is to promote growth of ANEW by investing in the next generation of our community leaders while mentoring and inspiring their leadership potential.

Membership Application Process

An interested applicant may submit a completed application and current resume to the ANEW membership committee by emailing, Please include the name and contact information for your ANEW current sponsor.

Each applicant will be required to interview with a current member of the ANEW membership committee. The interview will be used to promote interview skills,  gauge the applicant's interest in ANEW, and learn more about the applicant's career aspirations.


While all new ANEW members are required to be sponsored by an existing member, the Mentoring membership relies on a more substantial relationship between sponsor and sponsored applicant. Each woman submitting an application for Mentoring membership must have a current ANEW member's signature and contact information, signifying an ongoing relationship to help onboard, engage, and lay the foundational path to full membership. The sponsor is expected to mentor the Mentoring member and ensure her successful integrations an ANEW member.

Membership Timeline

The Mentoring member term lasts for one year and may be renewed one term for a total of two years as a Mentoring member. After two years, Mentoring Members are encouraged to reapply for full ANEW membership.

Membership Checklist

Mentoring Members and their sponsors are required to complete a membership checklist within the first year of membership and return it to the ANEW Membership Committee upon completion. Both the Mentoring member and the sponsor must be in approval of their membership expectations and development program. Mandatory quarterly check-ins are intended build the professional relationship between the Mentoring member and the sponsor, and will ensure the Mentoring member maintains good standing with the organization.